Yes, I’m tall. No, I don’t play basketball.


My name is Kathy and I've created a personal style blog with tips and tricks for taller women looking to dress for success.

I'm six inches taller (5'10") than the average American woman, which has made it difficult for me to put together a wardrobe that is appropriate for the office and is flattering for my figure.

My blog is intended to help you:
  • Discover how to flatter your taller silhouette
  • Embrace high heels even though they add inches!
  • Pick the right pieces to look more feminine
  • Understand how to create the right proportions for your body
  • Learn how to enjoy your height
  • See how dressing in the right style will help you get a more effective working wardrobe and image
  • Be more confident in your own skin


By day, I specialize in e-commerce user experience and website optimization. I am not a professional stylist or fashion expert—I'm just a regular girl (who happens to be tall!) trying to elevate my style.


Most photos are taken by my awesome boyfriend using a Nikon D5100 and a 50mm f/1.8 lens.