March 11, 2012

Lookbook: Does This Bag Make My Butt Look Big?

Longchmp 'Planetes Tonal' Tote
H&M Dress; Forever 21 Scarf; Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps; H&M Bracelets; Longchamp 'Planetes Tonal' Tote; Coach Handbag

Did you know that the right bag can actually make you look smaller? For us tall girls, scale is the key to finding the right bag...and the right bag for us is a large one. Large bags can make us look smaller because they:

  1. Help camouflage any extra flab around the waist, hips and even thighs.
  2. Provide a kind of optical illusion. Larger bags occupy a greater area of the overall outfit, which can make you appear smaller.
  3. Distract from problem areas. If you choose a larger than usual handbag, it draws attention to the purse instead of the hips.

See above how I appear to be smaller with the larger bag. Crazy, right?!
Longchmp 'Planetes Tonal' Tote

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