May 3, 2012

Lookbook: When a Dress Becomes a Shirt

H&M Striped Shirt
H&M Striped Shirt; J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton; Ralph Lauren Zabrina Pumps; Vintage Bracelets; Tommy Hilfiger Suglasses, DL40
H&M Striped Shirt
H&M Striped Shirt

The striped shirt I'm wearing is actually meant to be a dress! Of course, it's not quite long enough for me to wear as a dress (common problem for tall girls!), but that's okay. Sometimes you just have to be a little creative.

Above, I’m wearing it tucked into a vibrant pencil skirt. I thought the neutral stripes would balance out the bright citron color. Have you ever worn a dress as a shirt before?

On a different note, I'm moving today so it may be more than a few days before my next post. Have a good weekend!


  1. I'm so glad I found a stylish blog for tall women! May I ask how tall you are and what sizes you wear at jcrew vs banana? Does the skirt fit true to size? Also is the color as pictured? In store the citron skirt had a greenish tint and wasn't as bright and pretty as pictured in your blog.

  2. Thanks for reading! I'm 5'10". My skirt size ranges from 6-8 at both Banana and J.Crew. I find that J.Crew's sizing is especially inconsistent. The skirt does have a slight greenish tint, but it's hard to notice in natural lighting. Also, I found that wearing it with a neutral color on top toned it down.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. After your advice, I got the skirt today. They were having some great deals in store. The No. 2 serge cotton skirts are on sale from 34.99 to 39.99 (depending on color). Plus they give 15% off for student discounts (including grad students). I got it in citron, casablanca blue, succulent green and sagewood. Yes, I went a little crazy but they were such good deals. I'm debating on whether to return one (light to dark green).

    Do you dry clean them or wash them with woolite and hang dry? I've heard mixed reviews about how to care for them. Since I'm 6'0 the length is just perfect and I wouldn't want them to shrink or fade. But they are cotton so I was wondering.

    Again, thanks for starting this blog. I'm a fan. I love some of the other blogs you read but most of the blogs out there are for petite women so thy don't answer the questions that I have. Looking forward to your next post!

  4. One more question regarding the comfort level of the shoes in the post. I usually wear Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps. How do they compare? Thanks.

    Oh and I don't know what is going on with the way my posts are made. How strange.

  5. Wow, you got some great deals! I wash my skirts in cold water and then hang to dry. I haven't noticed and fading or shrinking.

    It's funny--I decided to start this blog because all I could find was petite blogs! While those girls have great style, their outfits generally aren't practical for me. You'll have to let me know if you come across any other tall blogs.

    As for the shoes in the post, they were a bit stiffer than the Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps, but they broke in quickly. Also, I prefer the heel of the Ralph Lauren Zabrina pumps as they are sturdier and better support my frame.

    Feel free to pass along any topics you'd like me to cover! Thanks :)

  6. It is funny that you mentioned the sturdy factor. I just noticed it this week after wearing my Ann Taylor perfect pumps for a few months now. They felt slightly wobbly. I thought the heel had gotten loose or something but there was no physical difference.

    A great line of shoes that are comfortable are the Kenneth Cole 925 technology pumps (designed for people who work 9 to 5). They have memory foam in them but they're also very stylish & sturdy but most of all, comfortable. I highly recommend them. They had a silver edition for a while (with an actual silver heel). (as an example).

    I haven't found any tall blogs yet (aside from yours) that share similar style and beautiful photographs to accompany detailed & useful posts. I do enjoy reading which I don't see on your daily reading list.

  7. Totally adorable!!!

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