February 26, 2012

Lookbook: Complimentary Colors

Example of Complimentary Colors
J.Crew Skirt; Talbots Top; Banana Republic Trench
J.Crew City Mini Skirt

In the past, I never wore attention seeking clothes or bright colors, because I already felt that I stood out enough as a tall girl. Also, I didn't really know how to match colors. Then I discovered the color wheel. Not only can you use it in art class, but also when it comes to putting together an outfit!

One of the easiest ways to put together an outfit is by choosing complimentary colors, as they bring out and emphasize each other. The outfit I chose today is a red-orange skirt paired with a blue-green top. I toned it down with a pair of black tights and a neutral colored trench coat.

Because they are complete opposites, complementary colors can sometimes make an outfit look too intense, especially if the colors are primary. I find that wearing complementary color schemes that use intermediate colors (i.e. red-orange and blue-green) work the best. Another option is to wear one color with a paler tint of its opposite, such as green with light pink. 
Color Wheel

Conclusion? Don't be afraid to wear color as a tall girl!

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