February 28, 2012

Lookbook: Elongating Your Legs

J.Crew City Mini Skirt
J.Crew Skirt; J.Crew Perfect-Fit Long-Sleeve TeeAnn Taylor Perfect Pumps; Express Necklace; Jessica Simpson Collection Coat; Tommy Hilfiger DL40 Sunglasses.
J.Crew Perfect-Fit Long-Sleeve Tee

It's time to embrace your height. Here are a few tips to elongate those legs even more!

Step 1
Ensure your shoes are the same color as your tights or pants. To demonstrate, I'm wearing black tights and black shoes above. If you're not wearing tights or pants, wear nude colored shoes. This makes legs look longer because the length of the leg is not broken up by another color.

Step 2
Wear heels. This is obvious, but it works. Women have been doing this for ages.

Step 3
Choose a skirt length that falls above the knee. This accentuates your long legs. Conversely, wearing a skirt that falls below the knee will disguise long legs.

Step 4
Wear a skirt with a high waistline. This creates an illusion that your legs start higher than they actually do. Notice that my skirt is worn high above my hips, creating the illusion of longer legs.

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