September 12, 2012

Lookbook: J.Crew Tall Memo Dress

We had some interesting lighting going on tonight and were only able to snap a few shots of my outfit before the sun went down.

Now, about the outfit. I'm not loving the J.Crew Memo dress on me. I really wanted to, but it just didn't seem to work. The problem is definitely the pleating around the hips. The pleating starts at my waist and ends at the largest part of my hips. When I walk, the dress starts to bunch and creates a bulge of fabric around the pleating. Unfortunately, not flattering. I will be returning this dress.

A good sheath dress will show off curves, without being overly tight or uncomfortable to wear. This dress was the right length (just above the knees), the right size (4T) and the right color, but exaggerated my curves and was uncomfortable to wear. I think that this dress would be lovely on other tall ladies, but if you have larger hips like me, I would stay away from this dress!

The good news is that the other tall J.Crew dress I purchased looks a lot better on me and you can expect an outfit post next week.


  1. Thanks for this review! I have been thinking about ordering this dress for awhile but am rather "hippy" myself so I think I'll pass after hearing your experience. Can't wait for your other review! I have a terrible time finding sheath dresses that fit since I'm a size small up top and large on the lower half, but I'm thinking about trying a "somewhat customizable" sheath dress from Quincy Apparel.

  2. I never heard of Quincy Apparel, but it does look promising. If you end up buying one of their sheath dresses, you'll have to let me know how it fits!

  3. It's fairly new....just launched in the spring of this year. One of the founders is 6'0 so I'm hopeful the "tall" sizes will fit well. I'm going to order some stuff from them in October. I'll keep you posted. :)

  4. Love that tall memo dress... :)