June 6, 2012

Victoria's BEST Secret: Long Yoga Pants

Victoria's Secret Long Yoga Pants

I always bought capri-length yoga pants because I could never find any that were long enough for me. UNTIL NOW. I recently discovered that Victoria's Secret carries long sizes for yoga pants. The best part? The yoga pants shown above come in up to 5 different inseams!

  1. Most-Loved Yoga Pant
  2. Yoga Foldover Pant
  3. Classic Pant
  4. Yoga Legging

I've already tried the Yoga Foldover Pant in both the 34" and 36" inseams. The 34" pair was perfect for running—long enough, but not so long that I'd trip. The 36" pair was way too long for me. Great for hanging out around the house, but not practical.

I'm about to order the Most-Loved Yoga Pant in the 34" inseam. At $25 a pair, you can't beat it. I'll let you know how they fit once I get them!

Now, if only I could motivate myself to take some more yoga classes...


  1. Agreed! I love my VS Yoga folderover pants! And I don't even do yoga anymore. Haha

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